Personal Safety

Most governments don't like foreigners coming into their country with guns. That would be considered an invasion. I do feel a bit naked without my firearms; especially in new places. I can't bring them with me but there are a few things one can do to try to stay safe.

Have some kind of "money belt" to store your credit cards, passport, cash and copies of passports of the people your traveling with. You can buy money belts that fit around your waist like Eagle Creek Deluxe Security Belt or around your neck like Silk Neck Wallet or around your ankle like the Leg Money Belt or a Bra Stash for the ladies.

Create PDF documents that are password protected of your passport, driver's license, blood work, eye glass prescription, professional credentials etc. You can store them on a cloud or just email them to yourself. Google drive is a good option. You can store your docs online and on your phone using their offline feature. Storing them on an encripted thumb drive can be good too as long as they are stored online as well. If you lose your passport it will be much easier to get a new one from your embassy if you have a copy of the original.

Create a laminated business card size document with important numbers on it:
  • Bank  phone numbers
  • Emergency contacts
  • Health insurance numbers
  • State department hotline
  • International emergency numbers (police, medical, fire)
  • Country codes for dialing other countries
  • Frequent flyer membership numbers
In case you become unconscious. A second laminated business card size document should be kept in your wallet or in an easily accessible pocket that includes:
  • Name
  • Emergency contacts
  • Country of citizenship
  • Health Insurance membership and phone numbers
  • Existing medical conditions
  • Allergies 
For a complete list of international emergency telephone numbers go here
    The US State Department has a Smart Traveler Enrollment Program or (STEP). Your supposed to let them know where your traveling and they will contact you in case of an emergency. Or they will have your emergency contact on file should something happen to you.

    I talked about Tripit here. Giving your family a link to your Tripit calendar can give them a good idea of where you are. Should they need to track you down or figure out what time zone your in; so they don't disturb your sleep.

    The Smart Door Stop Alarm can give you a little piece of mind. If someone opens your door the alarm will sound. If it's too heavy to carry, you can use a a regular door stop.

    Another door security device is the Addalock. It works in most doors and it actually prevents people from entering; even if they have a key.

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