Online Security

If you are using a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Using a virtual private network or VPN is essential for WIFI hotspots if you want to keep sensitive data to yourself. A decent company is Private Internet Access. For about $35 a year, you are basically creating a private tunnel from your device to your VPN providers servers. Any eavesdropping or decrypting that may be going on where you are will be averted. I would never access my email or do any banking over WIFI without a VPN. If someone gets a hold of my email password they can get passwords of all of my accounts sent there.

Another advantage to VPN's is many providers have servers in multiple countries. So you can bypass any local internet censorship or country specific content. For example you cannot watch Hulu or access Google maps from China where it's blocked. Set your VPN to a server in America; then Hulu and Google maps is accessible again.

When traveling it can be very annoying when websites display content in the language of the country your surfing from. With a VPN, set the server to the country your from and everything is back in your language.

Private Internet Access has an convenient app for Android or PC so you don't have to configure the network yourself.

Internet Cafe's

It's possible that there are hardware of software keyloggers installed on computers at internet cafe's. The machine my be infected by a viruses, trojans or other malware. I don't use internet cafe's at all.

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  1. I agree with you. There should be VPN while travelling to any other location or country. VPN is fully secure source to use for browsing, etc. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.