Making Calls

I use Onesim card for cell phone service so I don't having to switch SIM cards in every country. I purchased a US based number from them for $20 year. Incoming calls will cost $0.20 a minute for me; free for the person calling. If you have a traveling companion, the cost of making calls to one another is $0.25 outbound; incoming calls are free. The service is important if we spend time apart or one of us gets into trouble. Incoming texts are also free and their is no service contract. My US based phone number is ported to Google Voice and forwarded to the Onesim number.

To use Onesimcard you will need an unlocked phone that uses SIM cards (micro SIMs are available.) The phone will need to support the wireless bands used in the countries you're visiting. Most countries use two of four GSM bands 850/900/1800/1900. The exception being Japan and North Korea. They use WCDMA/UMTS 850/1900/2100. The phone also must be unlocked. Which means the phone is not locked by a wireless service provider for use exclusively with their SIM cards. Most phones can be unlocked by the carrier at the end of the service agreement. Or you can buy a phone off contract. iPhones have most bands built in, Android phones are varied.

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