Instructions on how to pick almost any lock is available on youtube. Most can be defeated in minutes by an amateur with a little practice. I wanted locks that locksmiths of the world regarded as relatively safe and unpickable. I joined the forum at lockpicking101.com for recommendations.

For my storage unit I got the Abus 20/70 KD Diskus Padlock . This lock is virtually unpickable and has anti-drill technology. Any lock can be drilled in about 15 minutes but this one will take a bit longer. I chose a climate controlled storage facility with cameras inside and outside the buildings and an alarm on every unit. The manager lives on site should an alarm go off or a motion detector get activated. I chose a unit far from the city for considerably cheaper prices and less overall crime.

Locker hasps come in many different sizes and many are too small to fit a standard lock. I chose the Abloy Protec PL 321 Padlock. Its  a small lock and it would take a master locksmith to pick it. No lock is indestructible but I have better odds with this one.

For attaching my bag to an object, such as an overhead bin on a bus or train, I have the Eagle Creek Travel Lock and Cable . This will prevent a grab and run. In most countries the incidence of physical violence is pretty low, however,  property crime can be very high.

For zombie invasions I have the Addalock portable door lock.

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