Frequent Flyer Miles

We accrued frequent flyer miles by applying for credit cards that offered large frequent flyer sign on bonuses. We closed them after we met the bonus requirements and re-applied. It's called churning. Credit cards frown on that kind of behavior; but oh well. Sometimes it's possible to apply for the same card twice by submitting a second application seconds after the first application.

We have accrued over 600,000 FF miles over the last year. We tried to spread our miles out between the three major airline alliances. Star Alliance, Skyteam Alliance and One World. To book flights, you reserve through the airline the miles were issued for and you get access to all the partners of the alliance. Flying inside Europe and Asia require less FF miles then in the US. There are also many more seats available.
26hrs Estonia to Bali Business Class 60K FF Miles Each
One World and Star Alliance offer round the world tickets. For example: With 160k American Airline FF miles you can book a 16 segment 35,000 real miles trip. There are many restrictions. For example: you can only travel in one direction and each time you change planes they charge you a segment. You also have to book the entire trip in advance. You can make changes, but there are restrictions on that too. We chose to do the independent route so we would have the freedom to fly where we wanted.

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