Life is short. It's even shorter when your days are so similar that they all blend together in hindsight. A wise philosopher once told me to keep skulls around to remind myself that death is immanent; so there is nothing to fear because there is nothing to protect. I need this reminder almost constantly.

The more comfortable and secure I made my life the more trapped I felt. And the more fear I had about changing anything. One day I was watching Family Guy, tired after a long days work. I casually said to myself "only 50 more years of this". Realizing what just ran through my mind, I knew something had to change. Until that point, I believed I needed more money in order to do what I thought was going to make me happy. Instead I should have been doing the opposite. I needed to be doing what makes me happy and then focus on what I need to do to earn a living.

Fast forward a few years. My girlfriend and I sold the farm (figuratively speaking) and said goodbye to our friends. We reduced our worldly possessions to what we were able to fit inside a carry-on bag and we're traveling around the world. Our trip began April 14, 2012. We came back to the US March 2013 and we are set to travel again April 2015.

This blog was created  to exchange information with anyone interested in travel; and to keep in touch with friends and make new ones. We want to hear form you; comments, questions, recommendations, or you just want to say Hi.

You can email us at jumpingthevolcano-at-gmail or use the contact form here.


  1. Wow, this is sooo cool! U guys have made an awesome,"once in a life time" decision! I applaud u for thinking of it & going with it! Bravo ;))) We'll b watching u closely, living vicariously, lol ;)

  2. An amazing journey. I'm jealous.

  3. I'm so excited for you guys!! But miss you already! I can't believe the time is aleady here! I hope you enjoy every minute of it!!!

  4. You guys are so lucky!!!! I miss you guys, especially at work :o). Have fun and don't look back! Bon voyage!- Cinnamon

  5. When I saw your picture of your first house, I got the chills... It seems like you're having an amazing trip, I can not wait to hear and see more of your trip (especially RIGA!!). Thanks for inspiring me today. I hope you're having a safe trip and LOTS of fun! ~Nadia

  6. BORIS!
    remember you as a very young boy in Washington Heights NYC. Happy to see you as a fine young man looking for the essence of life. Yes, those trips are only possible in a young idealistic age. Later, people, some of them. loose the dreams and afraid to loose the comfort of life. Wish you and your partner the best of luck and safe return to the shores of USA. Friend of Brigit and the whole family. N