Chiang Mai

You know it’s a good place when you have moisture in your eye as you’re leaving. Life is simple in Chiang Mai. Most people work to have their basic needs met and nothing more. They're not slaves to desires for expensive houses, cars and fashion. Thais spend their free time talking with friends, being creative or just relaxing. This kind of economy has kept costs low. A decent living (by western standards) can be had for about $500 a month. Many expat retirees come to Chiang Mai to live well on modest pensions and hope for a happy ending. The low costs have also attracted startups and digital nomads. Some western startups have moved their entire company to Chiang Mai. To accommodate the high tech migration very high speed internet is available and there are many co-working /creative spaces. Like everywhere else, consumerism is slowly creeping into Chiang Mai. Hopefully it won’t change too much, too soon. For now, I'll keep Chiang Mai in my back pocket in case things get heavy.

Wat Phan Tao
Taipei Gate
Wat Phra That Doi Suthep
Doi Suthep
Cooking Class
Tom Yum Soup and Pad Thai


  1. Thanks.That is really good to know that such a civilization still
    exist were people are not running after money. Very attractive description of a life style.Will keep in mind for my retirement. Great pictures

  2. Did Tara took a cooking class and learned how to cook?

  3. I wish it was that way here in our civilization! Beautiful pictures!!