The endless beef. When we arrived it was the summer of love. By the time we left it was Friday the 13th part II. The suspense was the worst. I didn't know if someone was going to stab me or a rocket was going to fall on my head. Luckily most bedrooms are constructed as safe rooms with 3 foot concrete walls. Before leaving the house I would check the twitter feed of a popular ambulance service to see if there were any terrorists around @IsraelHatzolah No terrorists, great! Time for an iced coffee and falafel. I managed to tip toe past the terrorists and I'm able to report that “I was there and I saw it for myself.” Unsettling and heartbreaking as it was, I feel enriched by the experience. I learned that during terrible situations, life goes on. Holidays continued to be celebrated, children still play on the streets and grannies go to the market wearing brass knuckles. Those in power have an interest in keeping people divided. It’s easier to control a population if they have an enemy set in front of them wearing a different hat.

The Western Wall
Israel Defense Forces
The Dead Sea Scrolls
My Cousin Arik and I
Church of the Holy Sepulchre - Stone of the Anointing