Paris and Berlin

After arriving in Paris the first thing I noticed is how exhausted everyone looked. It reminded me of growing up in NYC; nerves fried and tired. The chaotic environment instantly made me uneasy. I knew it was going to take a few uncomfortable days to acclimate to the chaos. I often hear people say people from big cities are rude. They aren't rude. They have to perform with laser like mental focus to accomplish routine daily tasks. Otherwise they would be distracted by everything and would get nothing done. When you interrupt them, they must break concentration and step out of their rhythm. It's like interrupting a musician during a song. What the hell do you want! is the normal response. I saw this transformation happen to everybody who moved to NYC. It would take about 6 months before they become hardened New Yorkers. They would start saying things like I love the smell of garbage in the morning. At this point they're hooked on the adrenaline the chaos provides. It's a love/hate relationship. Many New Yorkers say how much they hate the city but they would never leave. Even if they do get out they will never be completely comfortable living in a smaller town. They will always remember what it felt like to live in a place where they were slightly more alive; even if they were exhausted everyday.

Berlin Wall
Holocaust Memorial Berlin
The Louvre Paris
Moulin Rouge Paris
Yves Klein, International Klein Blue  Centre Pompidou Paris
Bram van Velde, Neige  Centre Pompidou Paris
Eiffel Tower

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