Surviving Technology

Before the industrial revolution people had to struggle to survive. Most people’s lives revolved around farming. food, clothes, and tools were created by hand in the home. You couldn't just walk into Wal-Mart and choose from 8000 bags of potato chips. Malnourishment and disease were common, wages were very low. People traveled long distances over harsh terrain, mostly on foot. Today in modern countries, technology has made things easy. The essential components for survival are provided by society at birth. Survival skills that have culminated over 50,000 years are now obsolete. We're not fighting for survival anymore; we're fighting for the next iPad.

FlÄm Norway
I would argue that many of the current problems in our society are due to a shift from the natural mode of survival to feeling like a helpless cog in a machine. Feeling that we are in control of our own destiny is a fundamental human need. Without it we become helpless, discouraged, and depressed. And occasionally dead. Without the urgency of survival, it's easy to slip into the mindset of why are things happening to me; instead of taking control of our lives and taking responsibility for everything that happens.

Eleven months ago I felt like a helpless cog. The challenges I've encountered on this trip have helped me renew confidence in my mind and body; especially as I'm getting older. The doubt committee has slowed down at least for a while. I have greater trust in my problem solving skills and I feel like I can better handle whatever might happen. This trip has been a good way to refresh myself to start the next chapter of my life. The main thing I've learned is that I must go and do instead of wait. It's the only way to continuously shift my comfort zone so I can stay resilient.

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  1. Good work Boris and Tara!

    Love and hugs, -- Hank