One of the best moments of my life; Tara gets hypnotized and made to ride an invisible pony in front of hundreds of people. We went to the hypnotists lecture the following day. Really I was interested in finding out how to hypnotize Tara for my own evil bidding. Unfortunately it was on self hypnosis. Apparently sending commands from your conscious mind to your subconscious is as easy as thinking the right thoughts. For example, if you've been having skin problems you can say to yourself “I have healthy skin” every day for 21 days and your skin should start clearing up. If your telling yourself “I have skin problems” every day, your problem will never go away. The power of positive thinking, subconscious whispering, placebo effect, self delusion, I don’t know. For me, the technique seems to be having a positive effect regardless.

People enjoy going on cruise ships for the same reason people keep going back to prison. All their needs are taken care of. It’s like being a kid again. You don’t have to worry about a roof over your head or what’s for dinner. On a ship you can pretend to be rich or care free. If I come into a lot of money I will figure out ways to make my life simpler, not more complicated with extravagance. Extravagance is very similar sounding to extra grievance. We needed a vacation from our trip. Constant change and randomness was starting to make our heads spin. A cruise has enabled us to see expensive New Zealand and Australia in an affordable way and take a break at the same time. The cruise started in Bangkok. So far we have visited Ho Chi Man City, Brunei, and Singapore. In Australia we've visited Darwin, Port Douglas, Sydney, Melbourne, and Hobart in Tasmania.

This was the site of the end of the Vietnam War during the Fall of Saigon when a North Vietnamese Army tank crashed through the gates of the South Vietnamese/US headquarters. The Vietnamese government left the site exactly as it was in 1975.

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque - Brunei

Australians are warm friendly people. They become familiar very quickly, G'Day and your best friends. We are taught to embrace diversity but there is also something nice about living in a place where most people understands things the same way you do. Humans have a primal instinct of needing to belong to a tribe or pack. Some do it with religion or school affiliation. Some do it with sports teams, gangs or military service etc. Perhaps the most natural and inclusive way is by living in a place with a strong unified culture.

The Melbourne Wildlife Sanctuary has an animal hospital with glass walls so visitors can witness operations and autopsies. They are completely open to the cycle of life. There is also a picnic area with a BBQ grill. However you probably have to bring your own meat.

Melbourne Wildlife Sanctuary

Port Douglas Australia

Happy Holidays!


Thailand is the land of smiles. There is love for everyone, even for those low on smiles and low on cash. The love industry is mainstream in Thailand. You can get a massage, a facial, a haircut, love and a manicure all for one low price. I'm surprised it wasn't on the menu at McDonald's. Giant lizards running wild, kick boxing and delicious food for a dollar. What's not to love or some might say what's love got to do with it?

Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand
Pattaya Thailand
Tara and Friend Bangkok Thailand
Pattaya Thailand
Soi Cowboy Bangkok Thailand