We visited a village where the people had been living the same way for 1500 years. Most villagers haven't ventured more then two miles from their homes. Electricity was implemented only six months ago. They do not participate in western medicine. 12% of the village died of malnutrition during a drought in 2002; when there was a supermarket 20 minutes down the road. They accept all medical problems and death as Gods will. They believe they will be reincarnated into the same family, so life is not as precious when death is temporary. If ignorance is bliss, then I want to be ignorant because they seamed to be the most content people I've ever met.

Village Chief  in white and School Teacher
They perform animal sacrifices to the Gods from the temple steps. They tie weights to cows, ducks and other farm animals and drop them in the lake to be drowned. As a result, the fish have grown teeth and have become carnivorouse; like piranha.  However they don't attack humans unless there is bleeding. I was a little nervous because we were paddling around the lake in an inflatable canoe.

Ulun Danu Batur Temple and Batur Volcano
In Bali teenagers are considered to be possessed by demons. The demons are always male. After the onset of puberty the teenagers are locked in the family temple. Every traditional Balinese family has a temple on their compound. Then brave men from the village get drunk and join the teenager in the temple. They try to entice the demons out with drunkenness and by calling the demons name. Next a women from the village tries to seduce the demons out by giving the teenager a sexy lap dance. After the 12 hour ritual, the adults lead the demons outside the gates of the temple and lock the gates behind them. At that moment the demons have been expelled and the teenager is considered to be an adult. To ensure the teenager will be able to control their emotions, their canine teeth are filed down. The undesirable characteristics are desire, greed, anger, drunkenness or under influence of strong emotion, confusion and jealousy. Pointed teeth are associated with ferocious witches, demons, wild animals and savages.

There are offering like these placed in front of most homes and businesses in Bali. If they are on the ground it is an offering to the demons to keep them away. They are also placed on many statues as an offerings to Gods. New ones are set out every day. It's not uncommon for a family to spend 50% of their income on offerings. In Bali it is almost impossible to turn your head and not see some reference to religion and spirituality.

Our Rafting Guide Horace


  1. Thanks for the video,we felt just like we visited Bali.
    Our western civilization is pervaded with fear of dying, eventhough it appears as fears of ordinary things, like fear of flying or going to a foregn country or culture. We would love to find a way to live without fear of dying. Perhaps you will be able to learn how to do it and teach us when you come back
    Thanks for sharing your trip with us
    Bill and Katya

  2. Fascinating ! Exceptional young man !

    David Stone