After spending 16 days on a luxurious ship it was hard to make a transition to hostel living. One week at a hostel in Barcelona and our solution was to jump on the nearest cruise ship. In fact we went a little crazy and booked three different cruises. Cruising offers us housing, transportation and food for one low price. We feel like we are cheating a little, but we don’t care. It’s a way to travel to new places and take our hotel with us. By picking the cheapest staterooms and planning our own excursions we’re able to stay within our budget. The first two are Mediterranean cruises and the third visits Northern Europe.

We visited Napoli and Pompeii yesterday. Pompeii was covered in volcanic ash 2000 years ago. The ash preserved the city, freezing it in time until excavation started in 1748. It was great wondering around the city and imagining my life as an ancient. The world’s new religion is technology and I’ll be the first to praise, but I’ve always wondered if technology really makes our lives better or is it just a distraction.

That’s Mount Vesuvius in the background. It had a much taller peak before the eruption. Now it has two peaks and a giant creator. If I make it back to Pompeii I’m going to go up there.


Growing up in NYC, pizza was the predominate food of my childhood. Since then I’ve been kind of a pizza snob, quick to turn my nose up at any pizza that isn’t comparable. Napoli is the birthplace of pizza. So I’ve always wanted to try it. It was different than NY pizza; but I would say just as great.  There are actual laws in Napoli governing how the pizza can be prepared. They have to use a wood burning oven and they can only use a certain kind of dough. The sauce and the mozzarella are too heavy for the bread. You have to use a knife and fork.

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  1. I am also trying to go with sway of the ocean of life.Once i stop resisting ,life become less stressful and more enjoyable thank fo the reminder.Ejoy your sway.
    Technology is sack,contamination of soul