Thank you for all the encouraging emails and comments. Satellite internet on the ship is very expensive and very slow. So we have been on a an economically imposed internet fast. If someone spends 80% of their lives focused on their computers/handsets i.e. school, money, relationships, emotions etc, doesn't it make their virtual life what they consider to be their real life. There are many instances where virtual activities are more desirable then their real life counterparts. I find the whole concept of perception and reality very interesting. Because even the physical data that gets sent to our brains do not match exactly our perception of reality. For example if you look at the actual signals produced by the retina they are not very close to what we "see". So if you can't even trust the physical signals provided by your body, what can you trust? Anyway, it's been hard not being able to get online as much as I want to. When I finally do get a WiFi connection it's like a breath of fresh air. WiFi connections are available everywhere, but the routers are often saturated, making it impossible to connect.

We just arrived to Amsterdam. In the past 5 hours, we took a ship to a bus to a subway to a train to a bus to a plain to a train to a bus to a Hotel that isn't floating. However we are getting on another ship in two days. In the last two weeks we've been in Barcelona, Marseilles, Cannes, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Naples, Pompeii. We missed the Cannes film festival by two days.


  1. Can’t believe it’s only 5 weeks past, and you already visited so many historical places.
    Beautiful shots. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It’s interesting...

  2. You guys are my heroes! Thanks for the updates and all the great pictures.