I sold my car of 12 years yesterday. Yesterday is also the first time it every broke down; on the freeway no less. Someone from work had to pick me up from the shoulder. I fixed the car at the tow yard after work. It was bad gas. I drove it straight to Carmax. Wrapping my life up into a neat little package is not as easy as I thought it would be. Things that seemed unimportant turned out to be very important emotionally. I didn't know I've been harboring unhealthy attachments to things until I tried to give them up. I feel like an up and coming horder. The Asian family that lived next door had a TV that sat on the floor, a Wii, a couple of couches and three beds; that's it. My house and garage is full of stuff I don't ever use - but for some reason I have great pain when trying to get rid of things. I wonder how much of my subconscious decision making is centered around things I never use.


True contentment is achieved by being happy with how you feel right now and realizing that nothing will make you feel any better. It's as good as it gets right now. Falsely believing that you will feel better by doing something else or having something else is the main cause of dissatisfaction. I'll be fine on this trip as long as I don't expect it to solve my problems. Planning a trip without expectations is an oxymoron. So I'm going to do the minimum amount of planning. I'm going to try to let the road guide us and take it one day at a time.